hi i'm ana i'm 18 and idk

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"We went to boot camp before filming Fury. The lack of sleep was difficult to power through: We’d have to be on watch every night, so there was little sleeping. We all lived in a tent. There’s parts of it I probably can’t even speak about. They just wanted to break us down and rebuild us. It made us a family going into filming."

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snapchat sucks because you get to see all the cool stuff people didn’t invite you to as they do it

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The worst thing about Tumblr mobile though is you’ll open it up and see something really interesting at the top of your dash

then the app refreshes itself and it’s gone forever.

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I’m not here to be accepted by anybody, I don’t give a fuck.

"  -

Rose Dix

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"How dare you?!"  - Rose Ellen Dix after finding out Rosie had dropped her laptop on the floor when rushing to Rose’s aid after she fainted. (via darlingfetchmethebattleaxe)

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@zaynmalik: The sun is out and MY garden is the amazon today :)

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